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The 5 C's of Integrated marketing

The 5 C’s of Integrated marketing: Communication, Cooperation, Consistency, Creativity and Clarity are essentially required to make sure that the external and internal messaging of company remains consistent across various sales channels and communication channels. These internal and integral factors help in keeping organization’s performance intact. These five C’s also form the key components of integrated ecommerce marketing strategy.

Communication: Prompt communication between the various teams within the organization is essential to maintain the rest of the C’s – ‘cooperation, consistency, creativity and clarity’. Individual team members in the same department or different departments can cooperate with precision and think and act with clarity if they can communicate effectively. Often organizations which lack a structured form of communication end up losing employees to their competitors.

Cooperation: Cooperation in organization means the growth of each individual team-member is aligned towards the company growth and profitability. It is difficult to sustain in a competitive market, if team members do not cooperate with each other. For instance, this does not mean trying to deal with an ineffective and non-performing human resource as long as the company can. In the context of this illustration, Cooperation can at the most be a 3 level filter for the organization wherein the most ineffective employee will still get 3 opportunities to perform and maintain the same performance for at least an year.

Consistency: Consistency is one of the most important ‘C’s ‘within the ‘5C’s of  integrated marketing’ because no organization will survive without repeated business building approach. In fact it is not just about marketing and sales but also about other departments to follow a company’s performance policy consistently. For instance, if a specific department of a company is doing 5 activities wrong out of the 10 activities assigned to it in the first year of its operation – it should strive to reduce the number of mistakes made from 5 to 3. This also does not mean that mistakes are required to be made but mistakes could be good learning points and what matters is the doer of a mistake learns from it and performs better the next time.

Creativity: Creativity means applying thought to construct a road-map of success. Most of the times, there is more than one way to doing an activity but we may be rigid at seeing through other ways. This approach to seeing beyond the obvious gets us to clarity and an ability to think clearly.

Clarity: The management of any company should be clear about its goals and objectives. The most widely used terms are ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’ of an organization which indicate the level of growth an organization perceives to achieve in the short-term and long-term. We don’t even wake up from the bed in the morning without making a goal to wake up early. Hence, it is very essential to be clear about goals in order to achieve them.

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