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 Actuarial studies is the discipline, which deals with the financial risk assessment in the finance and


insurance fields. This assessment is done with mathematical and statistical methods. Financial


 implications of events that are uncertain are analyzed and solved with the help of mathematics of


probability and statistics in this discipline. The main topics dealt within actuarial economics include


mortality analysis and production of life tables and compound interest applications.

There are two major applications of actuarial studies namely life insurance and pension plans. The


liabilities of financial organizations are analyzed using applications of actuarial studies. This is useful


in the decision making of these organizations. The financial, economic and other business applications


of future events are analyzed using actuarial studies. There are many courses for actuarial studies in


various colleges and universities across the world. These need solid foundations in mathematics,


statistics and other investment types.

Actuarial studies  mainly deals with events whose outcomes are risk and uncertainty. The cost


benefit analysis of these events is done with actuarial studies. Actuaries can develop models of such


events for practical problem solving. The observation and wisdom achieved through past experience will


be helpful in gaining insights about future possibilities, by the actuaries.

The economic outcomes of events related with uncertainty are assessed with actuarial practice. For


this, a sound knowledge of the principles underlying many fields like statistics, economics and risk


management and the principles of modelling, valuation and risk classification is required. Business


problems are solved by actuaries where the major roles are played by the negative consequence


mitigation and positive consequence exploration of risk involved. The principles of various fields where


the actuaries need knowledge include insurance, health care and retirement systems, investment


portfolios and the risks faced by the individuals. Thus, most problems including risk and uncertainty


can be solved with actuarial studies.


Actuarial studies include principles from mathematics, statistics, economics and finance. The


models in actuarial studies are constructed using these principles in conjunction with the actuarial


risk variables of frequency, severity, and timing. The implications of future events are assessed by


combining these principles with human behaviour observations to develop models by the actuaries.


Risk management process and the financial security systems largely make use of the actuarial


studies principles. The experience and observations are used by the actuaries to construct, develop


and validate models. The actuaries continually incorporate additional observations and insights into the


models constructed.


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