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the following areas.

Ø       Operations on Complex Numbers

Ø       Absolute value to Solve equations and Inequalities

Ø       Operations on polynomials

Ø       Factoring polynomials/trinomials

Ø       Operations on Rational Expressions

Ø       Graphing quadratic equations

Ø       Quadratic equations in complex number system

Ø       Quadratic functions

Ø       Introduction to vectors,addition and scaling

Ø       Laws and properties of logarithms

Ø       Fractional exponents and exponential functions

Ø       Matrices and Determinants

Ø       Rational Functions

Ø       Exponents and logarithms as power functions

Ø       Factoring and exponents

Ø       Conic Sections –Parabola, Hyperbola and ellipse

Ø       Binomial Theorem

Ø       Types of Series- Arithmetic series, geometric series, finite Series and Infinite Series

Ø       Sequences of Numbers and Series

Ø       Trigonometry

Ø       Composition of functions

Ø       Continuous and Discrete Functions

Ø       Systems of Equations/Inequalities

Ø       Estimation of Solutions

Ø       Standard functions

Ø       Inverse of a function

Ø       Solutions of function equations

Ø       Slope, various forms of equation of line

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