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About Anatomy

The study of internal organs of the living body is called as anatomy.  Anatomy is the branch of biology where a clear description about the internal structures of all the organs is given out. Anatomy can broadly be classified in terms of plant, animal and human anatomy. Any times, anatomy is thought to be similar to physiology which primarily deals with the functions of all the organs; however, anatomy is mostly focused with studying the internal organization of each and every organ irrespective of its location- be it plants, animals or human beings. If we consider human anatomy, it is mostly associated with gross anatomy and micro anatomy. The gross anatomy is often referred to as macro anatomy.


Macro/Gross Anatomy- The internal structures of living organisms which can be easily viewed without the utilization of microscope or any other gadgets , but simply through naked eyes is commonly referred to as gross anatomy. Previously, dissections had to be conducted in order to understand the gross anatomy, but with the advent of different scientific gadgets, a small incision within the external body makes it possible to view the internal structures. Additionally, a number of gadgets and scientific instruments make it possible to view the anatomical structures within the body.

Micro anatomy- The study of specific structures within a particular organ or tissue is called microanatomy. Whenever, the tissues is studied it is called histology and the study of cells is called cytology. A number of microscopic equipments are required which make it possible to study the internal structures within cells or tissues. Microscopes are of varied types like compound microscope, phase contrast microscope, electron microscopes respectively. This helps in the study of micro anatomy.

Based on location, anatomy could be classified into skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, reproductive system, gastrointestinal system,  and digestive system to mention a few.




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