Anxiety Depression

Anxiety Depression?Not to worry!!


   Lot of brain power is exerted by people when they engage in multi-tasking. At the same time, high amount of physical strength is exhausted. Due to this multi-tasking activity, the brain reaches a point where it solely requires some time for relaxation. Lot of busy people do not take time for relaxing away from their busy working schedules and worries. This actually gives rise to anxiety depression, nervous breakdowns and different type of mental illnesses that can result in cause mental imbalance for a person. If  your are one of those unfortunate people who are continually worrying and making fuss over things there are a variety of treatments and cures available for anxiety depression.



Person suffering from Anxiety Depression is characterized by erratic behavior and various irregularities. The reason for this can be attributed to stress in various aspects of the person’s life that can cause undue jitters to the person. Lot of people who have tendency to get nervous easily over activities which are stressful, are infact prone to anxiety depression. To overcome this, the person has to be strong-willed. Being so may be difficult at first but maintaining coolness and calmness in periods of extreme pressure is what is required to save one’s mental health going down totally.


In the process of effectively curing oneself from mental illness, one has to keep in mind that he/she should be honest with one self and assess the mental illness/depression one is having. It is preferred to go to a reputable psychiatrist for getting diagnosed correctly apart from getting the correct treatment for depression. The different types of depression are listed below.


Bipolar or Manic depression – This depression is characterized by extreme and sudden changes in a person’s mood wherein the person will be in an elated mood in one minute while in the next time frame he/she will be experiencing hell.


Postpartum depression – This type of depression also called ‘postnatal depression’ is a type of depression that affects women more and less frequently men. This occurs mostly after childbirth. This depression is characterized by prolonged sadness, fatigue and irritability by new mother. There is physical stress during the birth of a child and the sense of responsibility towards new born baby gives rise to this type of depression in new mothers.


Dysthimia – This is characterized by a slighter similarity with that of depression. It is proven to be very much less severe but the person suffering with this illness should be given treatment immediately.


Cyclothemia – This mental illness has slight similarity to that of  Bipolar or Manic depression where in the person who is suffering from this illness might occasionally suffer from extreme changes in one’s moods.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – This depression otherwise known as SAD occurs at specific time of the year, usually winter. People living in places with longer winter nights are prone to have greater risk for SAD.A lesser common form of this depression involves the depression during the summer months.This is otherwise known as winter blues, winter depression, summer blues, summer depression or seasonal depression. This type of depression might begin during the teens /adulthood. Like the other forms of depression, this occurs most commonly in women as compared to men. The mood swings in the person can shift from that of happy to sad in a very short time.


Among all these depressions, the depression that is proven to be quite common in the people is “anxiety depression”. Person suffering from this depression will be overly anxious about various things. In day-to-day life, anxiety is taken in most cases as normal behaviour that can help a person to get adjusted to stressful activities like jitters of a tough exam. This anxiety helps a person to face certain situations which cause tension and helps in getting solutions earlier. On the other hand, ‘anxiety depression’ is the opposite and is not termed as normal activity. It cannot be taken as ‘case of the nerves’. In fact, ‘anxiety depression’ is infact an illness that results from the hereditary illness or biological makeup of a person.


There are different types of ‘anxiety depression’ with each type having unique characteristics. For example, when Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is taken into account, this type of anxiety depression is more complicated than the average Anxiety depression. With GAD, the person gets more paranoid than in the normal cases of depression and attacks of anxiety will be more frequent in this case. Even when there is no specific reason for being anxious, people with GAD show lots of symptoms like insomnia, inability to relax, getting tired easily, lack of concentration on various tasks in daily life apart from suffering with depression. This anxiety depression is curable.


It is advisable to consult a reputable cognitive behaviour therapist who can help the individual with the needed treatment that helps the person suffering to loosen up. Also prescribed medicines are likely to be used compulsorily in order to help the people fight against anxiety attacks helping them to calm down and get relaxation.