Depression Medication &Side Effects

Finding the right depression medication



Are you feeling that something is hurting or bugging you in a direct way? Are you not in a good mood to mix with others and spend some good time? In case you are suffering from a prolonged period of sadness for a certain period now, you are likely to face the bouts of depression. It is advisable to take the help of psychiatrists for this problem. They can infact help you with the needed treatment.


In addition to the various treatments for depression available, there are different types of depression medication available as prescribed by the doctors to their patients suffering from depression.


It is a fortunate thing that depression can be cured now specifically when diagnosed in the early stages. Treatment can be given to depression patients through depression medication and therapy. Though these may be costly, the mental health of the patient should not be compromised.


Interpersonal talk or cognitive behavioral talk are very healthy treatments for depression and these are some of the psychosocial treatments for depression that can be offered by cognitive behavior therapists to patients. Both these treatments have actually produced positive and fruitful results for even short-term sessions which last between 10-20 weeks. These short-term treatments are very much helpful and in most cases enough to steer a depression patient to move towards recovery for sound mental health.


When the depression patient gets started with medication, the depression patient should first visit a reputable doctor and get the depression type that the patient is suffering from,to get diagnosed. It can be manic depression or clinical depression or a lesser severe form of depression.It is best to clearly the type of depression that the person is in, as there are various types of medications for depression available in market. One needs to get the most appropriate one that can actually cure the depression.


There are infact a wide number of anti-depressant medications for depression available to treat people suffering from depressive disorders. The popular ones among them are the ones that are SSRIs variant or the selective serotonin uptake inhibitors, tricyclics, MAOIs or monoamine oxidase inhibitors. The depression medications which are SSRIs variant apart from the newly available medications in the market are infact safer alternatives compared to tricylics as they have comparatively lesser side-effects than tricyclics depression medication variant.


In some instances, doctors find it effective to mix the various medications for depression to cater to the needs of the patient. The doctor would have infact prescribed a range of depression medications to cure a person’s depression. Also there can be increasing or lowering of the dosages of the depression medication basing on what the doctor finds to be effective to the maximum. But when it comes to taking medications for depression, patients are advised not to mix the depression medications and choose dosages without consulting the doctors first.


Sedatives or anti-anxiety medication should not be mistaken as depression medication. Though these drugs for anti-anxiety are mostly prescribed along with medication for depression, they don’t help in actually curing a person’s depression. Their main purpose is to help in calming down the nerves, which is why the medications for depression are still required to be taken by the patient suffering from depression.


There are infact, certain common side effects from the medication due to depression, generally coming from tricyclic variety. Certain people do not show tendency to mind the side effects from the medication due to depression but if the problem is of greater degree, it can ruin a person’s ability to function in a proper way. It is best to immediately visit doctor and tell the side effects. Some side effects which can be seen from depression medication are as below.


Dry mouth: There will be a irritating feeling of getting hydrated always. It is the best to have some clean drinking water in the vicinity so that the patient can have something to drink when ‘dry mouth’ occurs. It is a good idea to chew sugar free gum apart from brushing teeth after every meal.


Constipation: This discomfort can be cured through eating and by taking in good amount of fiber to help in digestion.

Blurry vision: It is another side effect which is temporary. It is quite easy to pass but in case if it causes lot of botheration, doctor should be consulted immediately.

Headaches: These are quite common with the new types of depression medication. This is not a bigger problem but will soon go away easily.

Insomnia: First time users who use this depression medication experience this as the side-effect. But this takes place only during the initial weeks of taking depression medication. The doctor can lower dosage of depression medication to counter this side effect. Also the time when the medication is taken, impacts the sleeping problem.