Manic Depression /Bipolar Disorder

Manic Depression /Bipolar Disorder

Taking Manic Depression Seriously


Bipolar depression or Manic depression is considered to be one of the worst types of depression from which people actually suffer from. It is characterised by extreme and sudden changes in the moods of the people. Manic depression derives its name from the word ‘mania’ which is same as ‘manic’. ’Manic’ refers to the ‘ups’ in life while depression relates to ‘downs’ in life.  A number of people experience unpredictable variations in mood. Sometimes in women, these moods might not be caused by the stress or pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).These mood swings have been diagnosed by doctors as being common symptom for depression.


The mood swings might have gone to the maximum absurdity right from getting irritated by even the smallest of the things. The irritation can reach peak with showing of absurd tantrums in this case and show the signs of the start of ‘Manic Depression’. The ‘ups’ experienced in Manic depression is described as the periods when the person suffering from Manic depression is likely to experience very high periods that consists of increased energy, ventilation of mood euphorically, high level of irritability, increasing thoughts and aggressive behavior.


When a person suffers from Manic depression, there will be periods called manic ‘periods’, where there will be sudden outbursts for elevated and euphoric mood swings as per the therapists. These mood swings can continue for longer periods and not for a single day. They can go on till a week or for a longer period than that.


When the issue comes to ‘low’/ ‘down’ periods, a person with Manic depression experiences similar symptoms when compared to people suffering with actual depression. Persons with Manic depression will experience episodes that show feelings of worthlessness, being unloved and depressed state of mind that start to corrupt a person’s mind. There will also be different symptoms showing extreme sadness, guilt, anxiety attacks, extreme pessimism, feeling of not belonging and a loss of pleasure. As per therapists, an individual suffering from consistent depression for a period greater than one week can be considered to be suffering from Manic Depression.


Manic depression is a common type of depressive disorder but it is the most severe of the depressive disorders which can be given treatment. A person need not worry too much of the depression, but can follow the proper procedures instructed by the therapist, take the prescribed medications apart from taking the proper dosage to help  himself/herself( or loved one) to counter Manic depression before it gets too late. Additionally, people who suffer from Manic depression have to visit their therapists regularly so as to vent their aggravated emotions to a person who can interpret properly and appreciate certain actions which they perform better than the ‘normal’ people. 


Though there can be positive results achieved for a patient suffering from Manic depression from natural alternatives, a proper and lasting relief from the symptoms of Manic depression can be best acquired by visiting cognitive behavior therapists. When coming to treatment for psychiatric problems, psychiatrists or cognitive behavior therapists are best suited for consulting as well as for curing Manic depression.