Postpartum Depression

The Truth About Postpartum Depression


 Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise have engaged in a war of words against one another on a depression which is known as ‘postpartum depression’. The debacle of Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise started when Tom Cruise disapproved openly at ‘Today Show’ of the personal choice of Brooke Shields to opt for prescribed medicines for curing postpartum depression. As per Cruise, who is an ardent supporter of Scientology, he believes that the depression can be cured with natural means and taking medicine will cause body harm. He feels that Brooke Shields should have taken to curing of postpartum depression by taking to healthy exercises. He also added that a number of people do not have the required information about depression and the ways to cure this illness.


What actually is postpartum depression? It is important to know well of this illness so that we can help ourselves and others. It is joyous news for a woman to be pregnant, for her and for all the people around her. The pregnant woman bears a living being inside her womb for nine months.

While this event is joyous, a pregnant woman has to get her body ready for some adjustments to have a safe pregnancy. Stress, strenuous activities, smoking and alcohol are to be avoided at any cost. The health of a baby depends on the health of her mother. If all the bad habits are successfully avoided, then childbirth would be a totally different thing. Though we take utmost care, there are unfortunate cases where the life of baby and child can get into danger.


Infact there is more ahead, there will be postpartum depression after the birth of a child. Though it is a common type of depression and a number of women have learnt to deal with it and have successful treatment, it is still possible to avoid it. Postpartum depression in infact is more like depression, but new moms are most likely to become victims of this illness. Infact there are many reasons for the occurrence of postpartum depression.


Giving birth to a child is not an easy task. The physical stress involved in giving birth is one of the chief reasons for the occurrence of postpartum depression. The next trigger for postpartum depression will be the massive changes in the hormonal levels.  A number of new moms-to-be who are hesitant to bear children and those moms-to-be who are not ready to be mothers are highly susceptible to be affected by postpartum depression as compared to the happy and excited moms-to-be.


 When postpartum depression occurs, it is the best process to visit a doctor immediately. Though new mother will be having ill-effects, postpartum depression can be harmful to the child also. New mothers suffering from postpartum depressions might harbor ill feelings towards their children. Infact, there are certain cases of murder where postpartum depression can be taken as a reason. Mothers suffering from postpartum depression might blame their children for weight gain and nurture a feeling of being unloved and looking less attractive. It is infact the best to consult a cognitive behavior therapist to help with the postpartum woes. The therapist may prescribe the medications to cure postpartum depression in addition to conducting therapy sessions for relieving the pent emotions with the patient.