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Biology is the branch of science that studies about the living organisms. Under biology, everything about organisms that are alive, are studied. The framework, transformation, functions and the like are studied under this branch of science.

In Biology, the cell is considered as the key entity of life. Genes on the other hand is considered the key entity of heredity. The term evolution means the process by which new species are formed. It is a well-known fact that the survival of organisms depend on the intake of energy and the conversion of energy and there is the balance of environment in order to create a condition that is balanced.

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There are different disciplines of Biology. The following section lists the branches and their function-

Biochemistry- analyzes the elementary chemistry based on life.

Molecular Biology- analyzes and studies the links between two molecules that are biological.

Botany- this branch of science/biology deals with plants.

Cellular Biology- studies the cells that are considered by all as the key entity of life.

Physiology- this branch studies about the role of tissues both physical as well as chemical.

Evolutionary Biology- this branch of biology studies about the steps that lead to the heterogeneity of life.

Ecology- the communication between two organisms in a favorable environment are studied under this heading.

Biology deals with the concepts like cell theory, genetics, energy, evolution and homeostasis. The cell theory discusses about everything connected to cells that are considered the key unit of life. There is a process of cell division whereby the cells are formed. There are multi cellular organisms the cells of whom are formed from a cell that is present in a fertilized egg. Homeostasis on the other hand refers to the capability of a system to control the environment with an aim of bringing balance through various alterations in dynamic equilibrium. is a one-stop destination for expert help on wide variety of subjects.  We provide online help for students on their assignments at very affordable prices. Our team of experts provides detailed answers to your homework and assignment and also helps in editing/reviewing term papers, case studies, essays, research papers, dissertations and thesis. Our team helped scores of students to secure excellent grades in their course work and online programs.


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