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Biotechnology means technology that is related to biology. Biotechnology encircles cellular and bio-molecular processes to advance technology and manufacture products that help to improve the quality of human lives and enhance the health of our planet. Previously, the farmers who developed new and improved species of plants and animals through cross breeding were the earliest biotechnologists. However, in current times, the discipline of biotechnology has witnessed expansion in scope, utilization and sophistication.

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Biotechnology has provided a boost in the scientific and medical discipline by advancing upgraded products and technologies to help combat prostrating and rare diseases, tackle the factors leading to ecological decline, making use of cleaner and renewable energy, and to ensure a safer, hygienic and an efficient manufacturing process in industries. The science of biotechnology is studied as fragmented sub-disciplines such as red, white, green and blue. The red biotechnology is employed in medical processes such as introducing new drugs from organisms, regenerating damaged human tissues from stem cells, and even re-growing entire organs. The white biotechnology is concerned with industrial processes, including the production of new chemicals and manufacturing of efficient fuels for transportation. The science of green technology on the other hand involves agricultural enhancement and incorporates such methods as introducing pest-resistant crops or even the stimulated evolving of disease-resistant animals. Again, blue biotechnology involves processes encompassing marine and aquatic environment, such as controlling the growth of harmful water-borne diseases.

Presently, more than 200 biotechnological health-care products and vaccines are available to patients suffering from chronic untreatable diseases, and more than a million farmers across the world use biotechnological agro-based tools to increase production, protect the crops from being infected by pests and control the impact of farming on environment. In addition, many bio-refineries, introduced across North America, refine technologies that produce bio-fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass that helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.