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                                                                                        Tips on Book Report Writing


Writing a book report gives a detailed description of what exactly that book is about and states why a reader should read or should not read the book. It gives a deeper understanding of a book you have read. Here we discuss about a few steps on how to write a book report in the most effective manner.

The first part of the book report would be the "Introduction". Here, we provide the basic information and a sense of what the book report would be about.  The main sub-headings that are included in this section of the book report are:

Title/ Author, Publication Information (publisher, year, number of pages), Genre, A brief introduction of the book.

Next section would be the body of the book report. This is basically made into two. The first part would explain what the book is about and the second part would include what is the writer’s opinion and how successful it is.

The third section of the book report would include the analysis and evaluation of the book . In the section, the book is analyzed and criticized. The writer writes about his own opinions and cites examples that explain and support your reasoning for what you have mentioned.

 And the final section of the book report would be the conclusion where you pull your thoughts together and say what impression the book left on you, so that the reader understands it.


In another methodology for  writing a book report, one could first start with reading the book thoroughly, visualizing the characters. Next one can try taking down notes of the general observation that he/she comes across, like setting of the book, characters in the book and their personalities. Write a summary of the notes that one has collected in the chronological order from the book. Then provide the details and try getting the ending right. After that get someone to proofread and get out with the best book report for readers to go through.



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