Careers for Online Tutoring , Assignment Help, Dissertation Help

Apply for a Enriching Part-Time Tutoring Career

Assignment Design is a great platform for work for talented individuals. We always

encourage alent and have roles for talented professionals. Working with will always be a pleasure as we understand the  

needs of the tutors and provide them great environment for working. So if you

have the talent and skills and want to work with us as online tutors, assignment

help tutors / homework help tutors, programming/ technical experts,

dissertation / thesis help experts, please contact us with your resume/application

providing details of our areas of expertise. You will get opportunity with us for

online tutoring , instant tutoring and on-demand tutoring. Our selection process is

rigorous with assigning of live task(s) given to assess the expertise of the

tutors / professionals / researchers.

To become an online tutor with us the minimum eligibility criteria are as follows:

          Ø  Masters or PhD Degree holder in a specific subject/domain.

           Ø  Work/Teaching Experience of over 2 years.            

           Ø  Excellent articulation and communication  skills..

           Ø   For assignment help, homework help and essay help / dissertation review,  excellent


writing skills are  required. 


Email your resume to with brief description of your area of expertise and we will get back to you