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The approach in computer science is based on calculations. The approaches used in computer science are of the types: scientific and factual or practical. Computer Science is the study of benefits or usefulness; arrangement and process of using algorithms that are based on extracting, portraying, storing and communicating the information that are present as bits. The computer scientist, who is specialized in computer, uses the theories of calculation and compilation and performs the job.

There are some subfields on the basis of which computer science is divided. Some of the  subfields of computer science are-

*      Computational complexity theory

*      Computer graphics

*      Programming language theory

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There are four areas of computer science. They are discussed below-

Theory of computation- This theory’s aim is to answer some queries like what is calculated and the chunk of resources required for calculating. In an attempt to provide answers to this question, this theory determines the number of issues that can be solved on the different theories of computation. The second query is solved by applying the theory of computational complexity. This particular theory, determines the cost and time linked to various methods in order to solve a number of issues related to computation.

Algorithms and structure of data- These studies about the techniques that are used in order to compute and the efficiency linked to it.

Theory of Information and Coding- This theory is based on the amount of information. This theory determines the deadline on operations that are linked to signal processing. The operations falling under this category are data compression and data that is stored and transferred. Now, the theory on coding determines the features of codes and their applicability. The codes are used for preparing correct processes for communication of data.

Theory on programming language- This theory is associated with the preparation, conduct, examination and classification of programming languages and their characteristics.


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