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Environmental Science is an academic field that puts together biological and physical sciences which include biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, geology, geography, to mention a few for the studying the environment and getting solutions to the environmental problems. Environmental Science relates to environmental engineering and environmental studies. Environmental Science takes into account the principles of social sciences is basically an understanding of human perceptions, relationships and policies towards the environment a person is in.


Environmental science gained prominence from 1960s onwards when there was a need for protecting environment against degradation due to growth of civilization, industrialization, science and technology. The environmental protection needed stringent environmental laws and unless there is scientific basis for such laws in the form of Environmental Science, the objectives of environmental protection would not be achieved. Environmental science gained gradual prominence when it is recognized as an absolute necessity for protection of ecology and ecological balance when it is recognised by governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and apex bodies like United Nations Organization. Ultimately Environmental protection gained such prominence that today even companies and business communities are forced to take measures for protection of environment in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Environmental science involves understanding and addressing complex environmental problems and has become vital as there is growing need for action in addressing environmental problems.There are various components that give a detail of each level of environmental sciences. Atmospheric Sciences is one component that focuses on the Earth’s atmosphere. There is emphasis on the interrelation between the atmosphere of the Earth and other systems. Ecology is another study that correlates the interactions between the environment and the organisms of that environment. Another study is the environmental chemistry which studies about the chemical alteration in environment basically involving pollutants of soil and water. The fourth component is Geosciences, which involves the study of environmental geology and volcanic phenomena apart from study of environmental soil science and evolution of the crust of the Earth.


 A program in environmental science can be defined as one that focuses on the application of the principles of biology, chemistry and physics for studying physical environment towards providing solution for the environmental problems. The program in environmental science also involves study of techniques of controlling environmental degradation and environmental pollution, interactions between natural environment and human society apart from management of natural resources.  Environmental studies coursework consists of instruction in physics, biology, chemistry, geosciences, statistics, climatology and mathematical modeling.


Each level of understanding of the Earth and its correlation to one another is important in order to maintain a balanced system. As such, environmental science is an important factor that has to be understood in depth and implemented with caution for a better tomorrow.



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