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 Environmental Studies encompasses study of all subjects in a systematic way so as to solve intricate problems arising out of the interaction between environment and the humans. Environment here means not merely the natural environment but also includes the artificial or built environment and all the relations between the two types of environments. The basic aim and ultimate aim of environmental studies is to protect the natural environment in such a way that future generations of humanity do not suffer from its disruption, degradation and destruction.

Natural environment is the preserve of all people and accessible to everyone in one way or the other. Every human activity impacts the original state of the natural environment. Such impact may be less in the case of individuals but may be more in the case of groups of individuals, associations, conglomerations and organizations. The impact is all the more perceptible in case of corporations which are engaged in manufacturing activity. The ready accessibility of environment to all entities makes it the most vulnerable treasure that humanity is blessed with.


Harm to environment impacts mainly the ecological balance as a result of which species are disappearing from the globe one by one. It should be the duty of all humans and organizations to protect environment and ecology to  the best of their ability. In addition, they should even be proactive in building up sustainable environment. In order to achieve this, environmental protection should be helped by other studies and sciences. Environmental studies therefore includes not merely the study of environment or ecology but all other subjects which are instrumental in, and capable of contributing to environmental protection. Environmental studies therefore is considered as interdisciplinary academic field meaning, that it incorporates in itself many aspects and subjects relevant to it.


Measures for environmental protection include management of natural resources, pollution control, environmental justice, economics, environmental sociology, political commitment, protection of flora and fauna, afforestation, deforestation, governmental patronage, administrative policy focus , ethics and law (through legislation and restraint). Environmental Studies includes the study of all these subjects to the extent that they are relevant to, and useful for environmental protection. Mere study of environment keeping aside all these subjects will not serve the ultimate aim of environmental studies, which is environmental protection.



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