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Eviews or Econometric views is one of the most popular econometric packages, which is used mainly for time series analysis. It is mainly a menu driven one while simple programming also is used here. However, this programming does not need to have much effort. Work file is the primary object in Eviews. To start working in the package, a new work file needs to be loaded or the existing work file needs to be loaded from the memory. The data and results for analysis are stored in the work file of Eviews. There will be several data series in each work file. They are stored separately as the object of each work file.

There is a white bar behind the command line, which is the command menu. Either the command line or the drop down menus here can be used for giving commands in the package. It is quicker using Eviews languages than using these menus, once the languages are learnt by the user. For getting help on any topic, the Eviews help topics can be used. It provides information on all topics in the package. There are also manuals installed with the package. However, the Eviews help topic system is more beneficial since it will be updated frequently while manuals need not be updated frequently. Thus, the most updated information is obtained in the Eviews help system.

The data handled in the package will be daily, annual, monthly, quarterly, or semi annual. The work file is automatically structured if we enter the start year, end year and the type of data in the package. The largest possible work file for the range is created by the program. After the work file is created, the data can be typed into E views. By using the edit series menu, a spreadsheet window is opened. Using the edit button, the data series can be edited. The excel data can be transported to E views using the Copy and Paste option, which is the simplest option. Instead of this, data created from files of other programs can also be used here. The data can be described either in statistical or structural way in the package. One data series against the other can be plotted using a scatter plot in the package. There is the option called filter for transforming of filtering the data before going for analysis. The main filters include log filter, first difference, second difference, moving average and growth rates.

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