FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) -Online Tutoring - Assignment Help Services

1. Why AssignmentDesign.com?


Following are our prominent features, which makes us a preferred choice in the student community:

    Ø    Quality assistance provided to students with online tutoring / assignments , homework, dissertation help and thesis consulting services, essay help /paper editing services, IT training.

    Ø     Test preparation help  and online tutoring assistance rendered through a team of subject experts.

    Ø       Suggestions provided on project / course work

    Ø       Quality  uncompromised in delivering e-Learning solutions

    Ø       Affordable pricing for all online tutoring/ assignment help services

    Ø       Friendly  and professional chat support

    Ø       24x7 Live Support! Experience our service to enjoy its wonderful benefits.


2. What type of services do you provide?

At Assignment Design, we provide various services like Online tutoring, Assignment help, Homework help, Dissertation Help /Thesis consulting services, Essay/ Paper editing services,Research proposal editing, Help with Programming projects, IT projects, Engineering projects and Oracle applications projects, Thesis Reviewing services,  Assistance with literature reviews, Help with MBA projects, Proof Reading and Technical paper editing services to mention a few.


3. Why should I opt for your service?

Assigment Design has been in the education industry for quite a long time. We understand the needs of the student community and value the trust reposed by them on us. Our services aim at giving the students an edge in their coursework with various services provided by us. Our Online tutoring, Assignment help, Homework help, Dissertation Help/ Thesis consulting services, Essay/ Paper editing services aim to provide the best experience with our e-Learning / Assignment Help services.


4. What topics are covered by your assignment help service?

Our assignment help service at Assigment Design, covers assignment help on a wide variety of topics.  The topics covered by us are Math, Statistics, Sciences,Biology, Law, Philosophy, Psychology,Management,Political Science, Journalism, Nursing,Sociology and various areas of Engineering to mention a few. Our team of researchers and experts are from various streams having extensive experience and expertise .


5. What if I your service done is not upto my satisfaction?

When our service is not upto your satisfaction, we revise and amend it to suit your requirements. Our goal is to deliver a service that ensures highest satisfaction to the students and we take every step in that direction. Assigment Design reserves the sole right for a final decision in these matters.For futher details, please contact us.


6. Does your service provide discounts?

Yes, we have various discounts and promotions for our clients.


7. What is the price range of your services?

The price estimate of our assignment help services depends on various factors like for project assistance / assignment assistance, it depends on factors such as the complexity and time duration for which the help is rendered to mention a few.For tutoring packages, it will be varied pricing for different time durations. Please contact us for further details on the same.


8. How do you accept payments?

You can make payments through PayPal.




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