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Ø      Points and Lines                                  Ø      Angles- types and relationships

Ø      Parallel lines, transversal                        Ø      Complementary/supplementary angles

Ø      Graphing linear/non-linear equations        Ø      Graph/slope of lines

Ø      Graphing solutions of inequalities            Ø      Relation between objects in space

Ø      Planar cross-sections; perpendicular lines/planes

Ø      Pythagorean Theorem                          

Ø      Trigonometric ratios, Pythagorean triples

Ø      Basic constructions                              

Ø      Angles of triangles and polygons

Ø      Special right triangles   

Ø      Triangle congruence relationships

Ø      Congruence, Similarity, triangle inequality theorem

Ø      Isosceles triangle theorem

Ø      Similar triangles- proportional reasoning

Ø      Properties of quadrilaterals

Ø      Properties of geometric figures

Ø      Properties of 2-d and 3-d figures

Ø      Circles, parallel lines cut by a transversal

Ø      Inductive/deductive reasoning

Ø      Properties of inscribed/circumscribed polygons of circles

Ø      Geometric proofs

Ø      Formal/informal proofs

Ø      Definitions, postulates, reasoning, theorems

Ø      Measurements of geometric figures and composite figures

Ø      Logical reasoning

Ø      Conditional statements

Ø      Formal/informal proofs

Ø      Rectangular coordinate system

Ø      Perimeters and areas of Two-Dimensional Polygons

Ø      Volume and Surface Areas of Three- dimensional Polygons

Ø      Vectors and 3D Geometry

Ø      Sketching and modeling

Ø      Tessellations

Ø      Intersection of a plane with 3-d figures

Ø      Similarity properties and transformations

Ø      Coordinate geometry

Ø      Rate, distance, time, angle measures, arc lengths

Ø      Direct/indirect measures

Ø      Error and magnitude

Ø      Coordinate, transformational, axiomatic systems

Ø      Compound loci in the coordinate plane.

Ø      Alternative Coordinates

Ø      Rotations, translations, reflections

Ø      Planar cross-sections; perpendicular lines/planes

Ø      Effect of rigid motions on figures

Ø      Properties of circles

Ø      Polyhedra

Ø      Parabolic functions (vertex, axis of symmetry)

Ø      Euclidean/non-Euclidean geometries

Ø      Hyperspace and Warped space


Geometry is a branch in mathematics dealing with questions of size, shape, space properties and relative positions of various figures. Geometry has early (recorded) beginning in 2nd millennium B.C. in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Geometry arose in the very early cultures as early as  6th century B.C. in the period of Thales of Miletus. By the 3rd century BC; geometry was put into axiomatic form by Euclid, whose Euclidean geometry has set good mathematical standards for many centuries. Mathematicians like Archimedes, Rene Descartes, Euler, Gauss, Lobachevsky, Bolyai,David Hilbert, Papus Menelaus, Immanuel Kant and Riemann have introduced ingenious techniques and concepts in geometry. Being visual in nature, geometry is more accessible than other parts of mathematics like number theory or algebra.


The origin of geometry is in the form of practical science which is related to areas, surveying, volumes and measurements. The noticeable accomplishments were the formulae for areas (circle, squares, rectangles, two dimensional figures), lengths, volumes of 3- dimensional objects(spheres, cubes, cylinders, cuboids),the Pythagoreans, coordinates by Rene Descartes.

 The early geometry was a collection of principles concerning angles, lengths, areas, shapes and volumes that helped to meet practical requirements in astronomy, construction and surveying. By the 7th B.C., it was the Greeks who used geometry to distance of ships from sea shore and for computing the height of pyramids. By early part of the 17th century, there were two important developments in geometry, the first being creation of analytical geometry which was an important for development of physics and calculus and the second being study of projective geometry in a systematic way which deals only with study of points in relation to one another and does not involve measurement or parallel lines.


Geometry has always created an impact on life. Geometry is present varied forms in daily life. Since geometry is related to shapes and volumes, it has specific roles in everything that humans are related to. The application of geometry is there in various sectors. One could get a better clarity on the angles, shapes and patterns with the help of geometry. Advanced applications of geometry find use in areas like architecture, robotics, typography, computer graphics and textile layout. Without the understanding of geometry, the basic understanding of various aspects in different fields would never have been possible.

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