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How To Write A Reflection Paper

Many people face difficulties in understanding the way to write a reflection paper. For that, the first thing that comes to mind is the meaning of a reflection paper. To make it simple, reflection paper can be defined as an essay whereby a person jots down one’s experience and the lesson learnt from it. When writing a reflective paper, descriptive language is very important. The ideas of an individual are very much necessary in a reflective paper using first person reference.

*      Introduction- this heading includes the brief idea about the reflection. The purpose of writing the reflection paper is included under this along with the target of the individual writing the reflective paper. This has to be done briefly without going into the details of the target not getting fulfilled.

a)      Write about the topic and explain it.

b)      Write about the reaction to the topic. This includes whether the individual agrees with the topic or not. It also consists of whether the individual is firm about the topic and to consider the fact if the topic met the individual’s expectations. The brief idea about the subject is mentioned under this sub head.

c)      The thesis or the proposal has to be written.

*      Body- Three paragraphs are to be made under this heading. The paragraphs deal with at least three evidences or witnesses. The body of a reflective paper mainly deals with what you as an individual has learnt about it and whether that person can apply it in real life in future. The primary thing that one needs to concentrate on is the role of the learner and the knowledge that you as a learner have gained. It also involves the reasons behind not meeting the target or meeting the target. These are made interesting with the help of illustrations.

a)      1st paragraph with three evidences

b)      2nd paragraph with at least three evidences

c)      3rd paragraph with again three evidences

*      Conclusion- This consists of the ways in which the individual has developed. Under this heading, the individual writes three paragraphs again and in each of the paragraphs briefly discusses about earlier paragraphs made in the body. The reflection paper must leave no dilemma in the concluding lines.

a)      Recapitulate the statement of the proposal.

b)      Explain first paragraph concisely.

c)      Explain second paragraph concisely.

d)     Explain third paragraph again briefly.

e)      End with the concluding sentence.

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