How To Write Case Study Assignment

A case study is written for academic purpose or commerce or business purpose. In this section, the academic way of writing a case study assignment is given. The purpose of it is to analyze the performance qualitatively. Another purpose of a case study assignment is for practical uses.

There are some stages to writing a case study assignment. The following section is about that-

*      A plan is to be framed that explains who will investigate it and the time taken.

*      A clear language needs to be used that can be understood by all.

*      Preparing a questionnaire that can assist the individual in collection of data.

*      The questions prepared must be based on proposals that are made in the study. The calculations must be connected to the proposals.

*      The goals are to be mentioned.

*      The participants are to possess an understanding about the target and the method used to reach the target.

*      The interview questions need to be assembled and meetings held.

*      Find out the individual responsible for doing the editing part.

*      To make sure that the case study is conducted under the conditions that exist during investigation.

Choosing the topic- A case study is valuable when it solves the problems that people face. Therefore, the audience needs to be determined. The issues are jotted down and the importance of such issues is determined.

Important things to consider-

*      Two elements namely the procedure and the technique of writing the findings need attention.

*      Either the case is chosen or it is given.

*      The necessary materials are collected at the beginning. The materials can be books, grids or appropriate sheets.

*      Figures are more relevant than ideas and hence, these need to comply with the plan.

*      The referencing style used can be of Chicago, Harvard, MLA or APA.

*      The writing style need to be formal and short but correct.

There are certain dos and don’ts with writing of case study assignment that are as follows-

*      The mistake of applying old data needs to be avoided.

*      Preparing a plan.

*      Noting down the facts instead of random facts.

*      Do not complete the case study in haste.

*      Try to remember that it needs to be based on reports.

*      Do not avoid the advice given by peer groups

Mistakes- The common mistake that is made by students are-

*      Preparing the case study on shaky assumption.

*      Taking old data in order to prepare another study.

*      Inadequate researching.

*      Difficulty in understanding the objective.

*      Use of wrong language.


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