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About HTML

The term HTML refers to hypertext markup language which is an importance part for building web based applications and pages while creating a dynamic type of website. This is the approach normally used to view the contents of any website. The method of HTML used is largely non- linear in nature which also indicates the fact that anything can be pinpointed in internet, my mere use of any particular link mentioned in the form of HTML respectively. There are a number of advantages of HTML, a few of which include-

*      Wide use of technology

*      Easier determination and operation

*      Browsers of different systems use HTML and

*      It is cost effective as it is present within the system (built in nature).

Basically, HTML can be considered to be a collection of a number of codes and symbols which are normally present when available in internet. The numbers of web pages are unique for every HTML file. While saving the files, .html extension is formed and not.txt. It is built from those contents and HTML tags which form the corresponding web page. A series of brief codes are copied from the text file to HTML file. Texts files normally can be viewed using internet explorer and other navigators like Netscape where the destination file is being saved.  These files are being checked by the browsers which convert it to form where it is readable in nature. . Different tags help to create different scenarios. Different components used for making interactive web pages include

*      Navigation bar

*      Header

*      Sidebar

*      Main content

*      Footer

One of the advanced versions of HTML is HTML 5 where tags and attributes are added apart from all other guidelines laid down for HTML 4. This makes it advantageous over HTML4 in terms of

*      Rich Media contents

*      Code Enhancement

*      Mutual

*      Consistent

*      Elegant

*      Geo location support

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