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Humanities is the study of human condition using methods that are primarily speculative, analytical, or critical and distinguished from natural sciences. Humanities include literature, philosophy, religion, ancient and modern languages, performing arts and visuals. Humanities involved in social science include history, communication studies, anthropology, and linguistics. Scholars who are associated with humanities are known as humanists. Humanities could also be explained as the study of innumerable ways in which people from every part of the globe and from every period of history process and document the human experience.


Why is humanities important? Humanities give an insight to everything. Through humanities, we learn how to think, creatively and critically and to reason to the happenings. Humanities have been the heart of liberal art education ever since the Greeks used it to educate their people. Humanities also help to understand our world. Through researches into the human world, we get to understand the different cultures and about history. Humanities also helps to have an understanding and clarity about the future too.


The research in humanities is definitely reshaping our future. It helps in examining the past to understand the future. It does help in Scholarship collaboration as humanities research often requires alternative methods of investigation and it might at times require several researchers from different places sharing info on a subject. Also the research in the humanities sector is being approached in a different manner than the natural researches that involves facts and figures alone. Humanities research requires lots of thinking process and reasoning ability to correlate past to the present and link to the future.

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