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What is Labour economics?


Labour economics is that branch of economics where the functioning and dynamics of labour markets are studied. The interaction between employees and employers form the basis for labour market functioning. The suppliers and demands of labour services and attempts to understand the pattern of wages, employment and income are studied in labour economics. Microeconomic tools are used to understand the functioning of labour markets. The main issues covers include labour supply and demand, competitive market equilibrium, labour market discrimination and effects of wage differentials and various aspects of employment. The focus of labour economics are on the factors about the person like demographic factors , factors of the job like wage, working conditions and requirements and factors about other possible things that persons might do, including unemployment rate,  other employment opportunities and family obligations.


The main issues addressed by labour economics include wage determinant understanding, labour market characterization, unionization effect examination, effects of childcare and elder care analysis, and work retention determinants modelling. One main concept used in labour economics is stickiness, a way of looking at retention. Based on labour economics, employment sector is characterized by differences in wages and benefits, working conditions, skill requirements, degree of responsibility and autonomy. The employment sector is assumed subject to varying degrees of job stability. The main job characteristics include full time, part-time and casual.

The role played by social institutions and various market structures that determine the pattern and speed of adjustment of the labour market is addressed by labour economics. Main features of labour market include relatively slow speed of adjustment compared to commodity markets and the distinction existing between internal and external labor markets. Understanding and reviving general economic productivity slowdown in America had been the focus of labor economics in the recent years. Labor management cooperation schemes were proposed as a solution to this slowdown.


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