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Marketing Strategy

 Marketing strategy is the ability of the marketing management team to observe, analyze and interpret market trends in    accordance with the changing product demand and supply scenario. Innovation and Strategy are two areas that could decide the future course of action for a company. There can be many strategies that can manifest from the current market scenario and the analysis of market trends in the past. It is a good practice to be vigilant about the changes that happen in terms of consumer demand, supplier policies, pricing, and promotion. For instance, Social media marketing has replaced other forms of advertisement and this fact cannot be ignored by any producer/service provider. Today, everyone from a local grocery vendor in the shopping mall to an established restaurant has got a Facebook account. Hence, Social media marketing has become an essential part of marketing strategy for many producers and service providers.

             Developing a marketing strategy requires the marketing expert to understand the following current industry dynamics:

·         Competitors

Competitors do not directly account for a company’s growth but they are certainly indirectly responsible for a profit/loss of the company in any given industry. By observing the competitors the company can learn a lot about the roots of their success and competitor challenges are often opportunities in disguise. It is the company’s responsibility to leverage these opportunities by sustaining in an environment where healthy competition and application of best practices such as customization and excellent service level prevail.

·         Regulatory environment

Every company has to sustain within the boundaries set by the regulator and hence the regulatory environment can be challenging to follow. Regulations become complex when the industry develops and evolves towards attaining maturity. The company marketing experts should meticulously follow these regulations and attend industry seminars to keep themselves abreast of the rules and regulations followed by industry participants as per the industry benchmarks.



·         Application of contextual knowledge about the product/service

Knowledge about products and services can change as the products develop and mature in accordance with change in regulations, competitors and customer expectations. It is quite essential for marketing experts to maintain a knowledge bank about product developments in the industry. These inputs about customer expectations and regulatory authority feedback can be critical for the product development team to achieve success in developing the best products.

·         Ability to interpret the knowledge provided by various teams including the product management, market research and sales team

Marketing strategy formulation also depends on the way the strategist interprets the market knowledge about competitor strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats. This interpretation will be proper if the marketing manager gets timely and insightful information from the concerned departments such as the market research department. Thus the whole gamut of marketing activity is a team-work and through end-to-end application of marketing strategies the company can thrive and prosper.  


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