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Mathematics in simple terms can be defined as a study dealing with quantity, measurements, space, structure, change, and various other properties. Its meaning cannot be encompassed in any definition of a few words, yet the world revolves around it. Without mathematics, we could never acquire anything. It has the credit of being the foundation of all other sciences. It also has the credit of being used, since times immemorial even before it has taken shape as a definite subject. It has developed from calculation, counting, measurements and a systematic study of shapes and motions.

      Mathematics is a vast subject and it has main branches divided on basis of structure, quantity, space, and change that make it unique. Without mathematics in these areas, it would have been near to impossible to understand these sectors. The branches pertaining to this division are algebra, arithmetic, geometry and analysis. We also have Trigonometry, Calculus, Probability and many other sub-branches that make up mathematics. There are also subdivisions of mathematics that link to Logic, Set theory and Applied mathematics.

      Let us have a look into some of the branches and subdivisions in mathematics.


     Arithmetic is the most elementary branch of mathematics relating to quantity. It involves with tasks ranging from simple calculations in daily life to advanced business and scientific calculations.

      Algebra is one of the broad branches of mathematics. It is related with the study of operations on, and computations of variables (non-numerical computational objects). It involves rules of relations, terms and equations of algebraic structures.

      Geometry is the branch of mathematics relating to shapes and sizes and properties of spaces. It is basically the study of points, lines, curves, surfaces, 3D objects and their properties.

      Trigonometry means triangle measurement. It helps in understanding the relation between angles and sides of a triangle and has been implemented in various sectors like engineering and navigation to mention a few.

      Calculus is mathematical study of change in the same way as geometry and algebra are related to shape and operations. It has two branches- differential calculus and integral calculus which are connected to cone another by the fundamental theorem of calculus

      Similarly each branch of mathematics is specialized in a unique concept and it needs good reasoning and understanding to solve problems in these areas. Mathematics is easy, provided the concept is understood and concentration is put in, results are evident.


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