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Operating system is a system that works with hardware and software of a computer. An operating system is involved in provision of services to the various programs of a computer. Operating system is considered as the vital element of the software of computers. Operating system is very much required in application programs in order to work.

The operating system connects the programs and the hardware of computers. This is termed as the hardware operations like input as well as output. Nowadays this type of a system is present in all the devices that have computer like mobile phones, supercomputers, video games and the like.

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A number of modernized and famous operating systems are Android, BSD, iOS, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry.  There are numerous kinds of operating systems like-

*      Real-time operating system - This kind of an operating system indulges in processing the data under short time duration. This type can be multi-tasking or single. In case of multi-tasking, the target is to extract a specific behavior that makes use of algorithms.

*      Templated operating system- This is the process whereby a picture of a virtual machine is formed and later used as a tool in order to operate other virtual machines.

*      Single and multi-user operating systems- There is no opportunity of differentiating between users but there is a facility of running various programs at the same time. This is the case of single user. In case of multi user, there is an extension to the concept of multi-tasking.

*      Embedded operating system- This type of operating system is applied in embedded systems of the computers. These work well in tiny machines that have less liberty.

*      Single and multi-tasking operating systems- There is a scope of running only one program in a single tasking operating system but in a multi-tasking operating system, more than one programs can run. This process is possible through time-sharing. There are two types of multi-tasking- cooperative and pre-emptive.

Distributed operating system- Under this type of operating system (OS), various computers are managed together.

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