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A process where managers and the employees jointly plans and monitor the work objectives and the total contribution of an employee is known as Performance management. The Performance management process is based on certain principles that have to be followed. Both the parties need to be honest and open in this regard. The process must be simple and relation maintenance is not complex. The goals prepared by the management must be achievable and aligned to the goal of the team as a whole. In order to encourage the people, a regular feedback must be prepared by the management. It needs to be understood that praising of the work of an employee, motivates the individual. Performance Management can be classified in three different cycles such as short cycle performance management, Long cycle performance management and micro cycle performance management. Each of them is discussed below.

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These three types of performance management cycles are based on the quality, demand and the type of the work process. A continuation of planning cycle, a commitment and full proof execution are always present there in operation management. In case of the works that depend on the monthly or weekly chain of supply short cycle, performance management is needed. In case of short cycle operations, the commitment is more needed to achieve the goals. There is need of review on the measurements of mechanism that are been published to see the commitment degree. Prescribing the information availability is also needed to measure the short cycle process. It focuses on the linkage between the individual work and the agenda of the management. In case of long cycle performance, management the cycle of planning and commitment is moreover yearly based. The management has to design the framework of long cycle performance based on the review of the mechanism measurement published monthly or quarterly based. It needed a linkage between the working objectives of the team or individual with the agenda of the organization.

Micro cycle performance depends on the fixed term of time. There are different categories of the micro cycles such as developmental and shock micro cycles. Developmental micro cycles are used at the planning of annual training, to develop specific skills and abilities. Shock micro cycle is used to push the workers more to achieve higher level of performance. Else than this there are also regeneration and peaking and unloading micro cycle are two examples of micro cycle.

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