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The team of presentation writing experts at provides presentation writing  assignment help, presentation writing homework help and presentation writing -project help and to all grades in K-12  and also till Ph.D. level  for students of Australia, US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia. Our team of experts provides presentation writing help / presentation writing advice and guidance across various aspects of presentation writing. You will get prompt assistance with the needed advice from our presentation writing help experts.


Be it for any matter, when people start to prepare on a topic for any kind of presentation writing, they get stuck at the thought process and words do not flow out easily and thus it adversely affects the way in which the matter is being presented. It has been proven that, effective attention of the audience could not last for more than 20 mins and thus the first 20 mins that you begin is what decides to get the attention of your audience till the last and it becomes the deciding factor. Even the most boring topic for presentation could be made the most interesting topic, provided the presenter does his job well.


In order to make your presentation / presentation writing interesting, here are a few tips that should be kept in mind to get the attention of your audience within the first few seconds…

1.Be the audience – Think from the audience perspective (point of view). Understand the need of the audience and come to the point, rather than giving long elaboration, which may not interest the audience.

2. Grab the audience in the first two minutes- Make sure that you start your presentation with an overview of what you are going to present. Make it a step-wise process that is simple and analyze how it would help in its success upon implementing it. On the whole make the audience feel that the presentation could fulfill their requirements with these steps when implemented and it should be made to felt within the first two minutes.

3. Use less words-  Remember not to make the presentation over crowded and unappealing. Put in less words and make sure you get to the point straight rather than beating around the bush and keep it simple. This would help to get more listeners for the presentation. Prepare a small questionnaire session, so that the conversation gets interactive.

          These are the few simple ways to get the first attention for a presentation. There are many other techniques too that could be implemented for effective presentations.

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