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About Public Economics

Public economics is the branch of economics, which studies about government and how the government policies affect the economy. The method of making government choices and the links between these choices and economic efficiency are studied in this branch. The possibility of government policy affecting the distribution of income and wealth and the feasibility of this are studied here. Thus, public economics is the study of economic efficiency, distribution and governmental economic policy. For this, different areas of economics influence public economics.

There is a long tradition for the study of public economics developing out of original political economy of Mill and Ricardo. Then it went through the public finance tradition of tax economics and now foundations on new political economy. Public economics included diverse topics like responses to market failure due to the existence of externalities, tax evasion motives and the explanation of bureaucratic decision making. It studies about all aspects related to government decision making.

Economic models are used to ensure that the arguments in public economics are based on logical basis. These models are used due to the limited chance of experimentation and due to the problems associated with reliance on past experiences as the guide for future policy actions. The main intention of using an economic model is to get a simplified description of the part of the economy used for analysis. The implications from the economic model are derived by logical arguments that follow the assumptions of the model to form valid conclusions. Derivation of policy recommendations is done accepting the limitations of the model. Mixed economy is the institutional setting for the study of public economics. Here there will be respect for individual decisions, while government attempts to affect these through the policies implemented. There can be alternative objectives assigned to the government in this environment.


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