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Ratio Analysis

A financial statement   describes the positions of the wealth of a company. The information contained in the financial statements is analyzed quantitatively using the ratio analysis. The different financial statement items like balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement are used as the basis for the ratio analysis. The ratio analysis is done either using a single item or by combining different items in the financial statements. The performance aspects of a company including the efficiency, liquidity, profitability and solvency can be   calculated using ratio analysis. The ratio analysis is used to examine the trends in the performance of a company over time. The performance of different companies in the same sector can be compared using ratio analysis.


There are different ratios among which the key ones are classified as

  1. --liquidity ratio,
  2. -turnover ratio,
  3. -solvency ratios and the
  4. -profitability ratios.

The main liquidity ratios are the  

  • --current ratio,
  • --quick ratio and the
  • --cash ratio.

The main turnover ratios are the

  • --inventory turnover ratio,
  • --debtor turnover ratio,
  • --creditor turnover ratio and the
  • --assets turnover ratio.

The main solvency ratios are

  • --debt-equity ratio, 
  • --debt to total capital ratio,
  • --equity ratio,
  • --fixed assets to net worth ratio,
  • --fixed assets to long-term funds ratio and the
  • --debt service ratio.

The main   profitability ratios are

  • --gross profit margin,
  • --net profit margin,
  • --operating profit margin,
  • --operating ratio and
  • --expenses ratio.


There are values for all companies that need to fall within a range for all the ratios. In case of the ratios falling outside the range, there will be undervaluation or overvaluation of the   company depending on the ratio. The comparison of ratios across companies is possible only in the same sector. This is because the range of values for different sectors might be different for each ratio. The ratios are used as early warning indicators of the improvement or deterioration of the financial performance of a company.


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