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                                                MECH 4336 – Principles of Engineering Design Sample proposal




The objective of this proposal is to present an idea related to the water container handle. The main task is to optimize the design the of the water container bottle. A water bottle is given with the idea of the company using it. The case study states that there exist a company who sell bottled water and is receiving complaints about the plastic handle being used in the construction of the water bottle. The handle of the water bottle undergoing problem is shown in the Figure 1.



Figure 1. Water Bottle undergoing issues.

Now, the objective is to redesign water bottle handle considering the practice and laws followed by the mechanical engineering. The main thing to focus is relation between the applied force and put strength. This to be tested using the simulation. On the step file, it is required to apply the step force to understand and observe the properties and mechanical strength of the bottle plastic handle designed.


Literature Review:

Plastic bottles are being used in our homes for numerous purposes. Due to the sustainability and ability to get re-used, plastic bottles are mainly used mainly in the industrial sector for creating products [1]. Numerous of our home design dishes contain plastic material. Portable water bottles and juices cans are mainly created from the plastic bottles. As the industry creates product, therefore, with time and usage, numerous issues do occur in the product. Most of the times, the grade material quality of the plastic decreases with time resulting in the poor quality of the overall product [2]. The knowledge of the mechanical and mechatronics field is used to improve the quality and quantity of the product. With the formulas created in the mechanical engineering, the strength of the product can be tested in the laboratory prior to the object and item created and being used in the industry. Stress factor, strain factor and relationship between the applied force and fracture stress can be determined easily. Mainly, it can be easily determined that when a product can be break and overall life cycle of the product can be determined. However, these days, there are tools to determine the strength and overall quality of the product [3]. The product can be once designed in the CAD software and the overall life span of the product can be tested on a targeted grade material.



The model will be created in the fusion 360 software. Fusion 360 is a powerful tool by the Autodesk and it allows the user to perform simulation and determine the strength of the item in comparison with the applied force. The final bottle handle will be closer to the one shown below.


Figure 2. Bottle Handle [4].


The list of the possible results includes but not limited to:

  • Schematic design in Fusion 360.

  • 3D CAM/ CAD design in Fusion 360.

  • Results of the simulation in Fusion 360.

  • Strength testing of the designed handle in Fusion 360.

  • Stiffness testing of the bottle handle in Fusion 360.

  • Determination of the applied force.


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[2]. S. B. Son and K. B. Tan, "Testing the capacity of polyethylene mesh as strengthening aggregate for concrete," 2018 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC), 2018, pp. 189-190, doi: 10.1109/ISECon.2018.8340473.

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