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Essence of Science

 Science‘ is derived from the latin word  scientia, which means knowledge. Science infact can be compared to an enterprise that systematically builds and organizes the knowledge in a broader sense. So ‘science’ refers to reliable knowledge and requires skill and technique. Science in broader sense is used to denote “political science” or “library science”. But this does mean that science encompasses all forms of knowledge. It only includes knowledge that can be acquired through scientific method. In one way the body of knowledge for science can be constructed through observation- hypothesis- experimentation -logic for the explanation and prediction of events. Natural sciences, social sciences, mathematical science are covered in the branch of science.

 The purpose of science is to primarily facilitate people to understand the principles of nature and the world through logical answers. The chief purpose of science is to satisfy curiosity of humans to understand their surroundings. For the purpose of science, helpful models are provided to enable people to understand the various patterns and cycles occurring in nature. provides expert help on wide range of subjects.  We provide assistance for students on their assignments, homework, projects with detailed analysis and explanation apart from providing online tutoring services, essay/paper editing services and dissertation and thesis consulting services at very affordable prices. Our team helped scores of students in institutes, regular and online universities and online programs.


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