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Social Sciences

 Social science is a branch of science that helps in the study of human society and the way in which the society functions. Mainly, Social science relates to the study of relationship between people, their behavior and how it affects the society. There are many disciplines in social science, yet they all aim to study the human behavior in a society.

 An exact definition of social science is hard to explain as the main branches of social science usually cover a variety of sub – disciplines. The main areas of social science include the following:

 *      Anthropology - Anthropology deals with the integration of different aspects of the Social Sciences, Human biology and Humanities. Anthropology is divided into four sub fields- Archaeology, Anthropological linguistics, Physical or biological anthropology, Cultural anthropology.

 *      Communication Studies – This deals with the processes of human communication. It comprises from face to face communication to mass media communication. It integrates aspects of both social science and humanities.

 *      Economics – This branch of social science seeks to analyze and describe the production, distribution and consumption of wealth. Basically helps in the management of the state. This has two broad branches; microeconomics and the macroeconomics.

 *      History - This is the continuous, systematic narrative and research into past events of humans.

 *      Geography – This field could be split into two main sub- categories; the human geography and physical geography. Human geography focus on human influence in the space they have occupied and physical geography focus on natural environment. A combination study of both these elements is called as Environmental Geography.

 *      Law – This is a common phrasing which means a rule that is capable of enforcement through institutions.

 *      Linguistics – This area investigates the social aspects of human language.

 *      Political science – Political science is an academic and research disciple that deals with the theory and practice of politics, political behavior and political systems.

 *      Sociology – Study of the systematic action between society and humans.

 *      Psychology – Psychology relates to the study of behavior and mental process and is totally different from the other categories.

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