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Supply chain management  (SCM)means administering and managing the supply of goods and services. Supply chain management  is a link between the source and the consumption, where there is transfer as well as depository of raw inputs, inventories of the working material and produced good. All together, Supply chain management refers to all the activities associated with formulating, execution and supervision.

The function of Supply chain management  is to supply inputs to an organization and transfer the finished products to the consumers. The focus of supply chain management is to raise the organizations that serve the customers and reduce the stress involved in administering the tasks related to logistics. Supply chain management has evolved in order to enhance the coordination and trust that lies with the partners in this chain. There are important steps that occur in supply chain management. They are-

*      Administering the relationship with the customers

*      Administering of services provided to the customers

*      Administering and managing the demand that is generated

*      Catering to the orders placed

*      Producing the flow administration

*      Administering and managing the relationship with the suppliers

*      Commercialization and improvements made in the product

*      Administering and managing the returns received

Administering and managing the returns received

Hence, the importance of supply chain management (SCM) lies in the fact that it is necessary for companies or organizations in order to have an efficient SCM so that the organizations emerge successfully in the economy. In earlier times, the organizations gave importance to inputs as well as outputs and less importance to the function of administration and management of workers.

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Business-to-business here means the commercial activity that occurs between businesses. This happens when a business extracts inputs for production purpose. A business may also ask for the services of another business in order to operate. This is highly used in marketing.

Business-to-consumers on the other hand deals with all the activities that occur between an organization and the consumers. The consumers are the users of all the products and services that are produced by a company.

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