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The full form of UML diagrams is Unified Modeling Language Diagrams. In order to know about UML diagrams, the first thing that comes to mind is the meaning of Unified Modeling Language. This kind of a language is visual and applied in order to make models of business and the like. Another application of UML is examining, preparing and conduct of systems that are based on software.

Analysts of business and developers use this type of a diagram in order to describe in details the processes that are undertaken in businesses. In short, it is used in areas of-

*      Banking

*      Healthcare

*      Finance

*      Aerospace

*      Internet

UML diagrams are partially a representation that is made through graphs. There are symbols in UML diagrams that are also called aspects of graph. There are several diagrams of UML. Some of it uses symbols, which are primary. These types are known as class diagram.

Case diagram on the other hand is a diagram where there is use of actors along with use cases. Sequence diagram refers to the diagram that displays exchange of messages that occur between lifelines.

The UML diagrams  mainly are of two types-

Structure Diagrams- a system’s static design as well as the design of its parts is reflected on the various stages of implementation along with the relation between them. There are several elements of this kind of a diagram. These are concepts related to operation, abstract and the like.

Behavior Diagrams- these types of diagrams depict the dynamic part of the behavior based on all the objects and elements that prevail in a system. These are listed changes that occur over the time horizon. There are numerous diagrams of this type. They are Use Case diagram, activity diagram, information flow diagram and state machine diagram. There is also an interaction diagram.


Structure diagrams are further classified as class diagram, object diagram, package diagram, model diagram, composite structure diagram, internal structure diagrams, collaboration use diagram, component diagram, deployment diagram, specification level deployment diagram, instance level deployment diagram, profile diagram.


Behavior diagram are further classified as use case diagrams, Activity diagrams, state machine diagram, communication diagram, interaction overview diagram, timing diagrams


Further interaction diagrams include different types of diagrams like sequence diagrams, communication diagrams (collaboration diagrams) interaction overview diagrams, timing diagrams.

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