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Astronomy is a science that deals with the study of celestial objects such as planets, moons,stars and galaxies, the physics and evolution of such objects and the phenomena that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth. This is one of the oldest sciences of the night sky. By the 20th century astronomy was divided into two, the observational branch that focus on acquiring data from observations of astronomical objects and theoretical that focuses on the computer development to describe astronomical objects.


Earlier, till the telescope was invented, observations of the sky were only possible through the naked eye from tall buildings or high grounds. Most of the early observations of astronomy actually consisted of mapping the position of the starts and planets, which is now referred to as astrometry.


It was Kepler who was first to devise a system that described the details of the motion of the planets. However he could not formulate a theory. It was with the help of Newton’s invention of celestial dynamics and law of gravitation that finally explained the motions of the planets.


 To have a better understanding of the universe, there are many courses in astronomy these days. The basic requirements of all these is that one has to be excellent in physics and maths as these are the roots for understanding astronomy. A basic degree is a must, and if interested into researching, then a PhD is required. There are many institutes across the world  that offer courses in Astronomy and qualified professionals are required in various institutes of research and for study of the universe, the planets, galaxies and millions of starts out there in the sky.


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