Article analysis -Hate crimes
Category: False, Posted on: 10/26/2018 10:10:18 PM


Faisal Media Studies(Abdullah Alzuabi)



  • The incidents identified are the racist hate crimes, which are on the increase after the Brexit vote.

  • The media source is and the news was published on 26 July 2018.  Presently, police are seeing increase in hate crimes after the Brexit vote

  • Offences have also increased post the EU referendum.

  • Race was observed to be a factor of motivation in the year of Brexit vote.


  • This looks to be a part of a pattern as 62,685 incidents were found to be recorded in 2016-27,where a person was attacked  as a result of race due top referendum in 2016/

  • The attacks recorded 27% increase compared to the prior year.

  • There is shift in the trend of attacks where the cause of attacks shifted from disability to that of race indicating cultural change.

  • It appears that the underlying prejudices in people are appearing as threats and abuse to innocent public.

  • It appeared to many people that Brexit led to legitimization of racism.



  • The vote for separation of UK from the European Union seems to have brought the deep divisions among different groups of people.


  • The society in UK seems to be moving from compassion to racism and hatred post the Brexit vote.


  • The vote on EU referendum seems to have increased the nationalist feelings in Britain leading to more hatred to towards other races.


  • This cultural change is not desirable as it is affecting harmony in Britain's society.

  • In other words, these incidents are bad and disrupting peace in the British and European society.

  • The incidents are against the spirit of unity that was brought forth by European Union.

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