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Business Development is the process that relates with the growth of business. It’s the collaboration of various expects or parts of business that work together in a manner to increase the growth of business. This involves the development of business sales, production, designs, plans, pricing, technology, marketing and management.  From the position of front line sales man to the destination of top-end manager all need to make contributory efforts to let a business grow. To let this happen the process of business development is divided in to various aspects that includes-

*      Strategically product and service

*      Market research

*      Product research

*      Relationship development

*      Sales growth

*      Channeling development


The requirement of business development involves crafting the work and delivering it to the customers in effective manner for growth. The approach for adopted can be non-profit or profit but the target is to attain expansion. The previous work performed has developed a formula for effective business growth that is indicated as Time, Resources and Effort. There is no stop line for the business growth.

Business development is a very common thing in the present day globalized economy. Every business gets developed in a continuous manner. In the current market scenario development needs to be institutionalized as an effective organizational process with the help of modern functions and innovative technologies.

The major roles and responsibilities to develop a business

 The major roles and responsibilities of business development are to understand what the units of business need to be developed. Observing the roles and responsibilities helps to adjust and justify expectation at the time of measuring organizational performance. The roles of business development includes implementation of market analysis, identifying potentials, defining of the opportunities available, developing details plans with reliable parties in the company, achieving the high level targets and engagement of management and board in dialogue session.

Various types of Business Development Assignments handled by our team of experts are as below.

Ø      Business strategy

Ø      Concept and trends in Market Management

Ø      Strategic Market Management

Ø      Strategic analysis

Ø      External analysis

Ø      Customer analysis

Ø      Segmentation

Ø      Lead Generation for possible sales

Ø      Competitor Analysis

Ø      Market analysis

Ø      Market Growth

Ø      Marketing Intelligence

Ø      Market Profitability Analysis

Ø      Cost structure

Ø      Distribution systems

Ø      Market trends

Ø      Dimensions of Environmental Analysis

Ø      Dealing of strategic Uncertainty

Ø      Impact analysis

Ø      Scenario analysis

Ø      Internal Analysis

Ø      Business Portfolio analysis

Ø      Alternative Business strategies

Ø      Strategic Positioning

Ø      Growth Strategies for existing markets

Ø      Strategies in Declining and Hostile Markets

Ø      Global Strategies

Ø      Implementation of Strategies

Ø      Pitch and presentation rehearsals

Ø      Business Model Design

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