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Chemistry can be termed as a science pertaining to the study of matter, specifically with   relation to composition, properties, structures and chemical reactions. The study in chemistry   primarily revolves around atoms and interactions with the other atoms, more in particular with   properties of the chemical bonds. In one way, chemistry can be termed as the ‘central science’  as it is well-connected with physics and different natural sciences like biology and geology.   One can also see chemistry to be a branch of the physical science but much different from  that of physics.

Some of the areas covered in Chemistry Assignment Help / Chemistry Homework Help are


Ø      Basic concepts in chemistry

Ø      Chemical laws

Ø      States of matter

Ø      Atomic theory

Ø      Atomic Structure

Ø      s-Block Elements

Ø      p-Block Elements 

Ø      d-and f-Block elements

Ø      Classification of elements and periodicity

Ø      Periodic table

Ø      Chemical Bonding

Ø      Chemical Equilibrium

Ø      Mole concept

Ø      Chemical equations

Ø      Chemical Forces & Energetics

Ø      Redox Reactions

Ø      Chemical Thermodynamics

Ø      Chemical Kinetics

Ø      Ionic equilibrium

Ø      Biochemistry

Ø      Thermodynamics

Ø      Inorganic chemistry

Ø      Electro Chemistry

Ø      Nuclear chemistry

Ø      Physical chemistry

Ø      Analytical chemistry.


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