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The field of the engineering that deals with the designing, constructing and maintaining of various structures is termed as Civil engineering. The structures may include plain house construction to construction of the roads, bridges or canals. Civil engineering is one of the old forms of engineering. Since the ancient ages, the practice of civil engineering is present there. This particular discipline has multiple sub-disciplines like architectural engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering. The application of civil engineering is mainly seen in the various public sector works under municipal, government, or even private sectors, which may include individuals or giant corporates.

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There are different aspects of civil engineering which are being seen in various applications. Architectural engineers are associated with the building of high rises or big water dams. They usually plan and design shapes of the proposed structures. The Environmental engineers usually design the layouts that are going to be used in the sanitation projects. The purification of the water, solid waste treatments are all designed by the environmental civil engineers. The section of civil engineers who work to understand the rocks and the soils, hydraulics are generally termed as geotechnical engineers.

Another aspect of Civil Engineering is conducting surveys. Different kind of surveys are performed by the civil engineers  and those are associated with constructional engineering such as land surveying, construction surveying. Urban engineering or commonly known as municipal engineering is another technical field of civil engineering that is associated with the specific designing method of maintaining the roads, supplying of water and managing the waste. The career prospects in the field of civil engineering are very high. Most of the new cities are designed in accordance to the scientific structures as well as the old cities are modernized. To meet these needs , the requirement of skilled civil engineers are high.

 Various civil engineering  concepts dealt with are Civil Engineering Systems, Elementary

Mechanics of Fluids, Water & Waste water Treatment Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering Design,

Finite Element Method, Consolidation & Shearing Properties Soils, Environmental Organic

Chemistry,Transportation Network Analysis, Structural engineering, Front-End & Contractor Planning,

formation Modeling Capital Projects Construction Productivity, Civil Design software help like  CAd d

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