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Classical studies, encompassed by Classics, is a branch of Humanities that comprises the languages, literature, philosophy, art, history and other cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world, especially the Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. The classic languages of this period showed its influence on every language in Europe. Studies on these civilizations still continue for the values and ideas which have shaped the society even today.


There are many institutes across the World that offer Classic studies these days. Classical Studies comprises of Greek and Latin languages and literature together with Ancient history. On acquiring a degree in Classical studies, a student of Classical Studies  gets many benefits like attaining excellent linguistic skills in reading and understanding literature in Greek and Latin;  greater depth of understanding the Greek and Roman political and cultural history, ancient archeology, philosophy, and material culture and a strong grounding in the classics of Greek and Latin literature. The students of Classical Studies possess wide choice of subjects at Honours Level,


Students, who undertake Classical studies will have better skills which include a better understanding of different cultures, and also will have a command of techniques and methodologies like library research, bibliography, analytical grasp of languages to mention a few. The students of Classical studies will be able to exercise reflection and critical judgment, engage in  and evaluate  analytical and lateral  thinking, extract key elements from data apart from solving and identifying the relevant problems.

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