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About Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy refers to the strategy that a corporation takes in order to conduct the operations of its business in an attempt to fulfill the targets. Corporate strategy also refers to the markets that are chosen by a company in order to work and conduct its business. Corporate strategy is nothing but the path chosen in order to compete with others in the market.

Some things have to be kept in mind in case of corporate strategy. They are as follows-

*      The place where the organization has reached in the present

*      The target of organization that means the position it wants to achieve in future

*      The way or the method adopted in order to reach the target

There are certain risks associated with the decision taken by an organization of refusing to improve and alter. These risks are equivalent to the risks that are encountered while moving on with a business. If the concerned organization refuses to change and improve, then there is every possibility of lagging behind on the basis of efficiency, success in terms of finance and position. All this will affect the achievement of desired goal of an organization. The functions of a corporate are to be organized, prepare aim, allot resources and conduct its business on every day basis.

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There is a difference between strategy and tactics. Strategy refers to utilizing the resources that are present in order to fulfill the desired objectives. Tactics refers to making use of it. There is again a difference between corporate strategy and competitive strategy. The strategy of an organization is fixed according to the mission of a company. On the other hand, competitive strategy is dependent on the potential or ability, strength and constraints that are based on features of the market and the alternative strengths and capability of its rivals. There are some driving forces. The executives base their decision on this-

*      Products submitted

*      Ability to produce

*      Requirements of market

*      Growth

*      Technique used for distribution


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Ø        PESTLE assignment help

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Ø   Competitive Positioning of Strategy


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