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 Electrical Engineering (EE) is the field of engineering that includes the study of different application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. The field of electrical engineering got immense focus with the development of electric telegraph, and power distribution in the second half of the 19th century. Recording media and broadcasting make the use of electronics part of day-to-day life. Study of Electrical Engineering is now associated with different engineering fields such as electronics, computer science, telecommunication and instrumentation engineering. It has been seen that an electrical engineer may need a simple voltmeter or can even a top end analyzer that will be used in designing software.

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There are various fields where the electrical engineers can work. Power engineering is one of the sub-fields of electrical engineering. It is associated with generating, transmitting and distributing the electricity along with designing of various kinds of devices. The device can be transformers or electrical generators or can be electrical motors. Power engineers are also found to work on different aspects of the power grids. The control engineers work on developing various models and different dynamic systems that are designed for controlling them in accordance of desired manners. Designing those controllers may include the designing electrical circuits or Micro controllers and Programmable Logic Controllers. Automobile and aircrafts are using this kind of controllers.

Electronics, microelectronics and signal processing are also associated with the different application of the Electrical Engineering. The electrical engineers have marked their presence in developing GPS to the generation of the electrical power. Physics and the mathematics is the core behind the development of the Electrical Engineering. Numerical skills are essential for any Electrical engineer. For any major scientific project, the requirement of electrical engineer is highly required from power distribution to instrumentation, or in the process of manufacturing of large electromagnets. All these processes require skilled electrical engineers.


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