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Finance is the science, which discusses how to create, manage and study money, banking, credit, investment, assets and liabilities. The main components of finance are financial systems and study of finance and financial instruments. Financial systems consist of public, private and government systems. The study of finance and financial instruments include wide variety of assets and liabilities. There is another categorization of finance into public finance, private finance and corporate finance. There are many subcategories for these three categories of finance also. The main features of finance are opportunities for profit and investment, mixing of funds optimally, internal control systems and decision making for the future.

Areas of Finance: The main areas of finance are corporate finance, investment analysis and valuation, and financial risk management. Corporate finance deals with the financial activities that are required for the functioning of a corporation.  It consists of raising funds for various projects in a company. It includes wide range of topics from capital investment decisions to investment banking. The focus of corporate finance in investment banks is the corporate acquisitions and other major decision analysis. Next is investment analysis and valuation, which is that area of finance where the value assessment of an asset is done objectively or the potential merits of an investment are assessed. The attractiveness of an investment opportunity is assessed in this area of finance. Financial risk management is the area of finance where the current and possible financial risk is assessed and managed for reducing the risk exposure of a firm. This includes risk identification, potential remedy evaluation and risk alleviation methods implementation. Specific financial instruments are used for remedying these risks. However, it is not guaranteed that all the risks to a firm are remedied through this process while the chances of risks will be reduced largely through this.

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