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The process of sharing, manipulating or storing of information with the help of the technology can be termed as Information technology. The word Information technology is formed with the help of two different words, which are Information and Technology. With the help of the computers and the various telecommunication equipments, data is transmitted, or manipulated and stored. Though information technology and computer networking become synonyms, it includes other various technologies such as mobile, and television. The total process of operation of information technology can be divided into three parts such as transmission of data, retrieval of data and manipulation of data.


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In the year 1956, IBM has brought in first hard disk drive to the market as a storage device for their 305 RAMAC. There are reports that suggest that nearly 95% data that is stored in the world is stored digitally. Within this data, nearly 55% of data is saved on the hard disks. With the development of information technology, the procedure of storing and retrieving data in an accurate and quick manner had been introduced by the early 1960’s. IBM was the pioneer of this system with the introduction of Information Management System (IMS). In the recent years, XML is the format of representing the data and can be stored in the File systems normally. Based on Relational Algebra and the Structured Query Language (SQL) the storage procedure of data is developed. All stored things are data but only with the meaningful representation, it becomes information. To organize the unstructured data the concept of Data Support System (DSS) has been introduced.

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