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Laws are the set of rules and regulations that govern individuals’ behavior towards their community, society and towards their countries. These set of rules are made by the legislatures by conducting legislations. The law shapes the society in several ways in political way, economical way, and historical way. Law serves as a messiah of mediator between people, by building up relationships with the people. There are basic two types of laws and jurisdictions, which include the civil laws and the common laws. Civil laws consist of the canon and the socialist laws where the legislatures or the other governmental bodies consolidate their laws and regulations. Common law comes under those systems where the judge made the pattern, which is accepted as the binding laws. Religious law is another law used by religious systems. In Islamic countries, the law is used is the Sharia Law.

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The adjudication in laws is classified into two categories. These include the criminal law and the civil laws. Criminal laws are the laws, which a deal with the conduct, which are harmful in the social order and contains a guilty party, which is to be imprisoned or to be fined. Civil laws are the laws that deal with the resolutions of disputes between any individuals or any organizations. This judgment ultimately brings out a remedy for the damages to the wining party. Under the civil laws, there are few socialites, which include the laws that are described as contractual law, trust laws, tort law, Constitutional law, property law, Administrative law, and international law to mention a few.  In order to implement these laws to the public, the public servants are set to serve by the government where there policies and rules are vital. Laws give a society to a rich source which inquiries into legal history, philosophy, and further help in economically analyzing the society that includes sociology.


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Ø        Law and Society

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Ø      U.S. Supreme court

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Ø      Hong Kong Law

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Ø       Nature of punishment

Ø      Civil rights Law Assignment help

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Ø       Citizenship in the American Law

Ø       Civil law , Common law, religious law, pluralistic law, Hybrid system of law

Ø      International law

Ø      Constitutional and Administrative law,

Ø       Contract law

Ø      Property law

Ø      Criminal law.

Ø      Tort law

Ø       Intellectual  law

Ø      Race,       Crime

Ø       Environmental  law

Ø      Banking and Tax

Ø      Commercial law

Ø      Labor law

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