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Leadership can be said to be the process by which a person influences the attitude, thoughts and behavior of other people. It can also be described as the process of social influence through which a person can effectively garner the support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. Leadership can also be said to be the process of organizing a group of individuals into a team to achieve a common goal.


Leadership can also be defined in simple terms as the art of motivating a group of people towards attainment of a common goal or objective. Leadership is only possible when it inspires someone. Effectiveness of any leadership is dependent on the way ideas are communicated to others in a manner that engage them and make them ardent followers of the leader. In simpler terms, leaders are the inspirations behind and also the directors of actions of the followers.


Everybody comes across leadership throughout his/her life. At home, parents happen to be leaders. During education, the teacher is the leader. In employment, the superior authority happens to be the leader. In course of time, if one acquires the leadership skills he/she becomes a leader himself / herself.


Even though leadership is mostly referred to, in organizational context, there is, infact , no field in which we don’t come across leadership. We have religious leaders, business leaders, political leaders and military leaders. Leadership is an absolute necessity to motivate a group to achieve an objective/goal.


Leadership is said to be of several types namely Autocratic Leadership, Democratic Leadership, charismatic Leadership, people’s leadership , directional leadership and many such types. The type of leadership depends on the nature and psychology of the leader. Nevertheless, whatever be the type of leadership, its sole aim is to lead and direct people to a specific goal.


Leadership is used interchangeably with authority. It must be understood that the two are different. A person with authority drives people with use of power. The leader leads by inspiration. Followers are duty bound to work for authority while they voluntarily work for the leader. A person with authority can be called a leader only if he can inspire people towards their goals.


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