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 About Management!

DefiniDefinition and Scope

Management defines that department of an organization, which performs certain works, together, aimed at achieving the desired and defined sect of goals. Management encompasses the important duties of implementing ‘marketing’ and ‘innovative’ ideas. The idea of managing an organization dates back to the era of 16th century, which witnessed the failure of some organizations due to the lack of management practices.  The process of management includes creating a policy for the corporation; collection of resources; planning of strategies for the productive usage of the resources; managing the resources and targeting the resources towards the production of goods and services.

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Factors that ensure effective management

The structure of a ht: normal">management group is a determining factor in ensuring its effectiveness. A manager is solely responsible for creating the structure of the management. This facilitates in the creation of proper channels of interaction between the workplace. This is advantageous for the development of the organization as it provides a proper framework for performing various jobs incorporated in the organization.

Secondly, the management group should master the ability to perform in a group. This requires proper relation between the group members; proper behavior of the manager towards the group members, and many more related matters. If a manager embarks upon a dictatorial type of behavior, then the group members will not be able to present their ideas, and this will create  a gap between the manager and the group members.

Thirdly, the manager should always try to take the help of visual representation of his/her ideas in order to deliver the ideas I front of the group members. This makes the interaction, less formal and interesting.

A manager should consider the different cultural backgrounds of the different group members because cultural backgrounds have huge impact on the consequences of communication. People from different cultural backgrounds relate to different communicative approaches in different way.



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