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Nursing is a profession in the health care segment that differs from other health care providers as it practises in a wide diversity of practice areas. Earlier, it was the nuns and military that provided nursing-like services. The first known nurse is Phoebe, which is mentioned in Romans 16:1, who was sent by St.Paul to take care of the people. It was later in the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale an English nurse who laid the foundations of nursing. New Zealand was the first country to regulate nurses nationally, with adoption to Nurses Regulation Act and in 1903; North Carolina was the first state in United States to pass a nursing law license.


Nursing basically means provision of care and concern to a patient. The profession does hold many values. If interested in becoming a nurse, one has to be prepared to be kind, considerate, and compassionate. Nurses practice in a wide range of surroundings like from hospitals to visiting homes and schools.


There are various nursing courses that are being provided by different countries in different ways. According to the rules implied to each country is how the courses have been modulated. Generally speaking there are the Diploma in Nursing, Associate degree in nursing, Bachelor of Science in nursing, Graduate nursing opportunities and many more. Nursing has many specialties and depends on the person that is being nursed.


The requirement of nurses is at a great shortage worldwide. Practitioned nurses have the option of practicing independently in some countries and moreover with the unsatisfactory work environment conditions, low payments for all the effort that they put in and excessive workloads are a few reasons for the nurses to leave hospitals for betterment elsewhere.


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