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Operations Management

In the production of goods and services, there is some management required that deals with the activities of the business. The managers are required to keep in mind to use fewer resources efficiently and effectively. These are to be done in order to satisfy the customers. Under this, there is proper transformation of raw materials into outputs. Thus, operations management is the administration and management of all the tasks related to technical and physical parts of an organization or a company. The companies that are taken into consideration are all linked to production, manufacturing and advancement.

There have been technological innovations that led to achievement in the field of production. However, there are difficulties in calculation by using formulas. Frederick Taylor was the one who solved this problem with the introduction of differential piece rate system. In this system, there was an existence of two types of payment. The employees who contributed more to a particular job were paid more whereas the ones with low productivity were paid less.

There are some features of scientific management. They are as follows-

*      Building up of a better science

*      Selecting an employee scientifically

*      Educating the employee scientifically

*      Strong coordination between the employees and the management

There are certain environmental factors that have an impact on operations management. Among them the micro factors impacting operations management are-

*      Culture present in the organization

*      Structure of the company

*      Problems related to ineffective labor

The macro factors that have an impact on operations management are-

*      Innovation and improvement

*      Conditions of the economy

*      Technology

*      Market conditions

*      Consumers

*      Issues that are created by government and regulations provided by it

In addition, a zone manager is appointed to meet the goals of that zone like cost, delivery, quality and the like. The zone managers help the staff by motivating them and finding out the important areas.

Some of the areas in operations management assignment help are ABC Analysis , TQM (Total Quality Management),  Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, JIT (Just in time), Kanban, and BPR (Business Process Re-Engineering).



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